Rebecca Yang

Rebecca is a co-Lead for the Animal Prosthetics Track at M4C. In April 2021, Rebecca began the Animal Prosthetics Track. At the end of cohort two, she worked with her team to print toys for Children's Wisconsin, constructed a feeding station for a kitten with cerebellar hypoplasia, and spoken to 6th graders learning STEM about these endeavors. 

She first became interested in 3D printing within her digital art class. She is currently curious about how 3D printing on a constructional scale could be a tool for producing affordable housing, as she is exploring this topic for her AP Research project.


Rebecca is a senior at Homestead High School in Mequon, WI. She is excited to guide teams in helping animals through the utilization of 3D printing. In the future, she plans to study architecture and urban planning. Apart from 3D printing, her interests include watching movies & reality TV, drawing, translating Latin, and playing with her dog, Captain!