3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that turns a digital file into a three-dimensional object by successively layering extruded material onto a print bed. 

With falling costs and increased access to the technology, 3D printing hobbyists and engineers alike can share their creations with others digitally.   

Amidst COVID-19, the global 3D printing community, including our very own Makers, stepped up to design, print, and donate PPE for healthcare personnel, community centers, and small businesses. 

Shifting gears, M4C is now focused on helping makers turn their skills into creative projects and feasible solutions for areas of their community that could benefit from 3D printing.

The chapters working on 3D printing toys will pursue various projects such as printing batches of toys for the annual Marine Corps toy drive or challenging their CAD design skills by creating one-of-a-kind toys for special requestors.


Toymaker chapters are expected to make at least one donation per month. Additionally, all groups are required to be active, contributing, and present in the Discord community. 


If needed, we can help our chapters find groups in their communities to donate to, and we can assist by walking chapters through the problem-solving process. Track organizers will be the point of contact for any groups looking for additional support.

Three 3D-printed toys resembling octopi

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