A dog missing its two front legs wearing a prosthetic that replaces them with wheels

In recent years, 3D printing has made significant advancements in its capabilities and accessibility. 3D printing can quickly produce customizable and affordable parts, which is ideal for manufacturing cost-effective prosthetics.


One pressing challenge that occurs in prosthetics manufacturing is being able to tailor-make each one to the needs of the user. By applying our skillsets learned from 3D printing, our goal at M4C is to design and manufacture custom-made animal prosthetics for local donation.

Chapters are expected to work on 2 or more projects every 6 months and are expected to produce a viable prosthetic for each of the 2 animals they work with. Additionally, all teams are required to be active, contributing, and present in the Discord community. 

We will help chapters find groups in their communities to donate to and will walk them through the problem-solving process if assistance is needed. Track leads will be available as a point of contact and dedicated CAD experts will be available at all times via Discord.

A dog with wheels attatched to a harness acting as its two front legs

The chapters working on Animal Prosthetics will focus on designing for animals in need.

Materials: 3D Printer, TinkerCAD

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