3D printing can be used to quickly and affordably produce unique elements, which is ideal for manufacturing custom-made items. By applying 3D printing, M4C chapters  design and manufacture models for donation to organizations that serve people who are blind/have vision impairments, in cooperation with See3D.


See3D is a non-profit organization that coordinates 3D printing and distribution of models for people who are blind, maintaining a library of model designs. Since 2017, they have donated over 1,400 models, sending them to 23 states, 9 countries, and 23 organizations.

Once formed and onboarded, chapters reach out to organizations that may want models, such as schools, and offer to print 3D models from the See3D project library for them. This first offer is the chapter's chance to get started making 3D models and the other organization's chance to see what the chapter can do for them. If the first request goes well and the partner organization agrees, the chapter can go beyond printing the pre-designed 3D models and begin adding to the See3D library of designs with their own work, according to the partner's needs.  


Chapters can reach out to M4C for assistance with production costs, carrying out 3D printing and manufacturing, and finding partner organizations. See3D will be available to assist with using and contributing to its project library. 

Materials: 3D Printer, TinkerCAD


Already Signed up for 3D PRINTING BRAILLE/Tactile MODELS WITH SEE3D? 

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