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Increasing equitable access to advanced technologies, supporting community engagement in Makerspaces, and inspiring Makers to become change-makers.

Makers for Change (M4C) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving students, teachers, and makerspaces.  

Students start chapters at their schools and learn about making through a social impact lens. Our project library enables students to learn how to build solutions to problems in their communities.

Teachers are supported in developing 3D-printing labs and long-lasting maker culture in their schools. 


Makerspaces are provided resources to connect with their communities and bring in youth.

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Our Story

timeline copy.png

Makers for COVID-19 (M4COVID) was Established

Karina Popovich 3D-Printed and Donated 20 Face Shields to Mt. Sinai Hospital

A network of 350 Makers donated 82,000 units of Printed PPE

M4COVID rebranded to m4c to empower students through new tracks

Launched The M4COVID Ambassador Program to support students in PPE making

A hand running over braille text

Braille/Tactile Models

our Projects

A cat sitting in a box

Animal Prosthetics

Rows of colorful 3D-printed toys

3D Printed Toys

A laser cutter

Laser Cut

of joining m4c

  • Seed Funding 🌱

  • Mentor Support ☎️

  • Connect with other social entrepreneurs 🚀

  • Learn how to build as a beginner 🏁

  • Access to resources that will prepare you as an innovator 📒

  • Start and lead your organization ⚡

  • Library of exciting projects 💥

  • Make an impact 🙌

We process applications on a monthly basis, and we are eager to work with your team to find the best way that you can become a change-maker! Take a look at our FAQ to learn more about the program!

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MAkers Making Change

Toy Credits: Cute Mini OctopusArticulated Lizardand Articulated Shark by McGybeer || Maker Faire Robot by LeFabShop || Tiny Articulated Bot by BQEducation || Squishy Turtle by jakejake || Flexi Raptor by Cavedog || Flexi Triceratops by Andyfuentes || Cute Octopus Says Hello by MakerBot || Easter Island Head by Pintstein || Flexible Octopus by DiabaseEngineer 


Current execs

Head of Newsletter
Head of Management and Impact
Karina Popovich

Head of Management & Impact

Rummana Afrin

Head of Newsletter

Head of Outreach
Mia Kotikovski

Head of Outreach 

Project Manager
Vaishnavi Manivannan

Project Manager

3DP Toys Co-Lead
Noel Negron

3DP Toys Co-Lead

3DP Toys Co-Lead
Raquel Cosme

3DP Toys Co-Lead

Head of Track Projects
Jonathan Gao

Head of Track Projects

Head of Fundraising and Grants
Ryan Skaggs

Head of Fundraising & Grants

Animal Prosthetics Co-Lead
Animal Prosthetics Co-Lead
Rabia Garcia
Rebecca Yang

Animal Prosthetics Co-Lead

Animal Prosthetics Co-Lead

Laser Cutting Co-Lead
Laser Cutting Co-Lead
Yashika Jaitly
Kaitlyn Yost

Laser Cutting Co-Lead

Laser Cutting Co-Lead

Our partners

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